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Catalog Search Fields Search Field Description
Publication Enter data (product names, model numbers, terms, etc...) that is likely to appear in the publication Title, Description, Class, or Keywords.
Publication Product ID Search by publication Product ID number. Enter all or part of the Product ID number.
Released Between Use the Start Date and End Date fields to search for publications that were made available within a specified time period.
Sort By Search results can be sorted by publication Title, Product ID or Date.
Media Type Choose the Media Type(s) of products that may appear in your search results.

Catalog Search Results
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Media If a publication is available in more than one media type, a drop down choice box will appear. Please choose the preferred media type you would like to receive. Any Included Pubs will also be delivered in this media type when possible.
Document Restriction Orders for Restricted publications will be reviewed by NCR to ensure that the customer has the appropriate authorization. If a customer is not authorized for a Restricted publication, the publication will be removed from the order and total amount charged to the credit card adjusted accordingly.
List Included Publications Many publications are accompanied with other related publications. Use the "List Included Pubs" button to list these included items.

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Billing Information Address Details
If same as Shipping Address, check the "Billing address the same as my shipping address" checkbox and skip to the "Credit Card Details".
Credit Card Details
Enter card number in the following format:

Enter card expiration date in the following format:

Enter Security Code:
The Security Code helps to ensure that the physical card is in your possession and to prevent fraudulent actions. It is a 3-digit code located on the back of your card, inside the signature area. Typically the signature panel will have a series of numbers, but only the last three digits make up the Security Code.
Order Charges
Product cost plus Shipping and Taxes.
Terms & Agreements The terms and agreements for this order are displayed on this page. If you are in agreement
  1. Please enter your name in the Digital Signature field.
  2. Click on I Accept.
Confirm Order Summary Review the following to confirm that your order is correct:
  1. Shipping Details
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  3. Order Lines
If changes or corrections must be made, use the browser "back button" to go back to the appropriate screen to make the necessary changes.

Once all order information is correct:
Click Place Order.
Checkout Complete Print the "Checkout Complete" screen and save as a record of your request.
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